Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"The robot that vacuums and serves web pages."

The newly-released Roomba Serial Command Interface (SCI) allows the user to drive a Roomba around and read out sensor data. But communicating with the robot via a tethered cable would interfere with the robot's autonomy, and setting your laptop on the Roomba isn't practical or smart (it also wouldn't work: the SCI expects TTL, not RS232). One logical solution is to build a (small) subsystem that can ride around with the Roomba, perform some low-level control, and communicate wirelessly with the world.


Sunday, March 05, 2006


3.9m² race Sail
The big brother of the Skatewing 2.8 pulls cross-skates through mud and skis through snow. The lightest breeze gets it going. The ideal wing for all winter sports. Designed for maximum speed. Five profiled battens, four of them with cambers, its eliptical outline and the shape create a high aerodynamic efficiency that makes the skates fly...

This frame uses the VARIO SYSTEM, which can fit the smaller 2.8m2 sail.

Rider profile:
Intermediate to advanced rider
Height of rider: ± 1.88m (5 ft 9")
Weight of rider: ± 85kg
wind speed: light to medium wind
Size of wing (hxw): 335cm x 155cm
Weight of wing: 6,5kg
The Skatewing is delivered in a Long protective bag. (click to view)

3' to 40' Fiberglass Poles

40 foot hight Wonder Pole

Wonder Pole® Manufacturing Co. can furnish the right telescoping pole for your application. Email or Fax us at 1-503-585-4294. Please be sure to include your email and contact information. The following questions will help in expediting your request.
  • Describe the intended use of the pole.
  • What is the extended size, (fully open)?
  • What is the retracted size, (full closed)?
  • What is the size of the top mast, (smallest section outside diameter)?
  • What is the size of the bottom pole, (outside diameter)?
  • Do you need a specific color. White is our stock color. Other colors are available upon request.
    Our Wonder Poles® are used throughout the world for commercial, government, municipal and private use.