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Interaction design bookshelf

Interaction design bookshelf

Even though interaction design in itself is a young field, it draws heavily on the intellectual and artistic heritage of other design fields as well as the literatures of information technology and society. Here, I list some of the titles on my interaction design bookshelf along with a few brief comments, in the hope that they will be useful to other readers interested in the field.

Currently 108 titles included, last updated on March 28, 2007. Most recent additions are Arnowitz et al. (2007), Hallnäs and Redström (2006), Jenkins (2006), Jones and Marsden (2006), Maeda (2006), Moggridge (2007), Pruitt and Adlin (2006), and Salen and Zimmerman (2006).

Visiondome and VRMAX

Visiondome and VRMAX

The leading edge of presentation technology, now and then

  • from photo solarizations & psychedelia in the 60’s to "edutainment" in the 80's
  • from 1080p HDTV in the 90's to VR-MAX immersive technology using BlueRay™ today
  • from CAVE technology to Haptic interactivity in the coming years.
  • 25+ years of experience in dazzling and delighting audiences

Some of our current high-impact platforms include:


    interactive display at Macy's

  • photo vr

    virtual tour of Barry Gallery

  • vrmax

    visiondome: watching an undersea scene

ORB - Project

ORB - Project at CMU: "The ORB or Overlaid Reality bubble is a inflatable fabric dome with a digital projector inside with a special lens that expands the image to a 270 degree.

This experience is controlled by an off-the-shelf computer with a surround sound system.
We are now developing new software for this system in order to have an easier interface to play both movie clips and interactive experiences.

One of our most important limitations is that all of the hardware has to be reasonably easy to obtain and add to the experience, and the software developed should run comfortably in this platform.

Red Sky Shelters : Red Sky Shelters :Home of the Yome

Red Sky Shelters : Red Sky Shelters :Home of the Yome
One step inside a Yome and you’ll feel like you’re in another world. Tall cathedral ceilings give the Yome an open and spacious feeling, while translucent walls bathe you in a magical diffused light. Circular, spiritual, portable living shelter: this is it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Avant Game

Avant Game
Do our technologies pass the “deathbed test”?
“Though we must live our lives forward, happiness is gained by assessing it backwards. Only on your deathbed can you see your life complete and so judge its happiness.” – ancient Greek wisdom
How will the time spent with our technologies look in retrospect, when our users are on their deathbeds? What kind of life will they have enabled, afforded, or supported?

An ETech’07 call to action:
Invest a portion of your time, energy and resources towards understanding and innovating happiness. It’s the new capital.
Make your technology not only feel good (more pleasure), but also do good (more engagement)and expose good (more meaning).
Build your brand's culture around quality of life.
Together we can hack our everyday reality into a collective life worth living.
Hack Happiness!

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In the Lab: Robots That Slink and Squirm - New York Times

In the Lab: Robots That Slink and Squirm - New York Times: "In the Lab: Robots That Slink and Squirm
James Estrin/The New York Times

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Published: March 27, 2007"

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Red Hat Magazine | Building the XO: Introducing Sugar

Red Hat Magazine | Building the XO: Introducing Sugar

Building the XO: Introducing Sugar

by Greg DeKoenigsberg

One Laptop Per Child comes closer to being a reality every day — and every day, more people are looking for ways to get involved with the OLPC project. It will still be quite a while before the XO systems are available for broad distribution, but people can see for themselves what the XO is all about by downloading Sugar, the core of the OLPC Human Interface.

pivotgraph - data visualization & visual design - information aesthetics

pivotgraph information aesthetics

pivotgraph.jpga novel technique for visualizing & analyzing complex graph structures, such as of social networks. the method is designed specifically for graphs that are “multivariate,” i.e., where each node is associated with several attributes. unlike visualizations which
emphasize global graph topology, PivotGraph uses a simple grid-based approach to focus on the relationship between
node attributes & connections.
the graph is rolled up by two different data attributes (x & y-axis). the area of each circle is proportional to the size variable of the node. because of the grid structure of the graph layout, straight edges would almost always have serious occlusion problems. therefore, quadratic curved edges are drawn between nodes, with widths corresponding to their weights.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Liquid to to match the refractive index of a specific glass.

I'm trying to match the refractive index of a specific glass. What should I use?

Any of our Standard Series Liquids can be used to match the refractive index of nearly all glasses and plastics. For larger quantities, or a more exact refractive index match to your material, you should use one of our custom blended Immersion or Laser Liquids. We regularly manufacture liquids to match the refractive index of BK7, SF10, BaK, Fused Silica, PMMA, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, and other glasses and plastics. Because many of our liquids are custom blended, we can ( most likely ) match the refractive index of your material at any wavelength and temperature. Please contact our technical services department to help determine which liquid is the best for your application.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

OpenGL dome-correction libraries

Beta testers needed for OpenGL dome-correction libraries

Want to dome-enable your real-time OpenGL application? The OmniMap™ Geometry Correction Library API provides developers with an easy-to-integrate solution to make real-time OpenGL applications compatible with OmniFocus ™ projection systems. It takes advantage of the latest accelerated graphics hardware and OpenGL 2.0 extensions to increase performance over previous geometry correction software solutions.

We've been working hard to streamline and optimize the OmniMap API, and we're now releasing the public beta so you can kick the tires. If you're interested in participating in the beta program, please download OmniMap and let us know what you think. OmniMap is made available free of charge for application developers to dome-enable any OpenGL application.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Sphere

The Sphere

The Sphere - Coming Soon

Ask our staff for a tour of our up and coming gaming enhancements!

The first Entertainment "Rotopod" ever created.

The Sphere is designed with patented equipment in a spherical configuration displaying projection surfaces of the 360º viewing screen.

Special audio systems enhance the gaming experience. Interact in specially designed chairs, each with its own controls and robotic motion simulator.

Ask about it at the front desk. Although The Sphere is still under development, we would be glad to give you a tour.

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White Shower and Wedding Umbrellas from!

White Shower and Wedding Umbrellas

60" White Umbrella

Just about the largest of the hand-held umbrellas, this 60" umbrella can cover the bride, her train, and her new husband quite comfortably! While it is oversized, it only measures 38" from spoke to handle when closed, making it easy to transport to the ceremony and reception. This is the size often used by limo and catering services. This umbrella has a heavy light-colored wooden handle with "grips".

60" white umbrella 60" white umbrella handle--closeup

60" White Umbrella
Priority mail shipping charges are $6.25 for one, and

$3.50 for each additional umbrella.

60" Clear Dome Umbrella with White Trim

The very ultimate shelter, even when the conditions are at their worst! This umbrella will wrap around the bride and groom, preventing her hair and veil from blowing even in driving rain and wind!

Large enough for the bride, her train and the groom--and their guests can still see the happy couple, despite the conditions! Not only is the umbrella trimmed in white, but the center spoke and heavy hook handle are white as well.

60" Clear Dome umbrella with White Trim

60" Clear Dome Umbrella with White Trim
Priority mail shipping charges are $9.00 for one, and

$3.95 for each additional umbrella.

Domes manufactured by Global Plastics Services International.

Domes manufactured by Global Plastics Services International.

Custom Extended Dome Custom Domes Lopsided Lexan Dome Protective Domes
Bowls and Domes Mirror Dome Cassini Spacecraft Model Fluorescent Red Domes
Custom Dome and Tray Light Dome Frosted Acrylic Dome Custom Dome and Tray
Fluorescent Domes Bowl and Dome Cover Subeye underwater camera dome Party Bowl
Security Camera Dome Display Dome Fluorescent Yellow Domes Display Globe
Boy in Bubble Custom Dome P95 Custom Dome Fluorescent Colors
Camera Security Dome Yellow Polyethylene Dome Red Polyethylene Dome Custom Domes For Weather Protection
untrimmed square dome

See Dome Sizes And Price List Below.
We Ship World Wide!

Acrylic Domes, Lexan Polycarbonate Domes and Other Plastic Domes
Are available up 72" diameter including flange.
Ideal for Taxidermists, Gazebos, Security Cameras,
Crafts and Food Displays.

Call 1-877-433-4568 Toll Free in North America
or e-mail us your request.



The two-foot diameter dome offers the chair's occupant a complete field of view of virtual space. This projected cyberspace image wraps around the head of the participant, occupying the person's peripheral vision. Visuals are augmented by high-quality, surround sound speakers mounted inside the dome.

man sits in a relaxation chair with his head inside of a bubble dome

man sits in a relaxation chair with his head inside of a bubble dome

UV Blocking Bubble Dome

UV Blocking Bubble Domewindshield repair bubble dome

Pacific Domes - Geodesic Event Domes, Shelter Systems, Greenhouse & Playground Domes

Pacific Domes - Geodesic Event Domes, Shelter Systems, Greenhouse & Playground DomesPacific Domes - Geodesic Domes for Events, Shelter Systems, Greenhouse and Playgrounds

Planetariums amateurs

Planetariums amateurs

small_planetarium : Small or Portable Planetarium Group

small_planetarium : Small or Portable Planetarium Group: "Description
A friendly group for folks interested in building, and/or operating their own small planetarium. Backyard enthusiasts, and operators of portable planetarium businesses are welcome. Equipment vendors, and content suppliers are also welcome.


The 1st Annual Small Planetarium Gathering in scheduled for September 14-16, 2007. The event will be held at the Montecito-Sequoia Lodge, in the Sierra Mountains east of Fresno, California. Check the website for more information:

Members, please use this group site for general announcements, and discussions. Any posts with technical information that would be valuable long-term to group members should be cross-posted to our new Forum site:


mxa's blog

mxa's blog

Steven Haulenbeek

Jen Stark

Jen Stark: "

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