Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Suppose you want wireless digital IO with a range of perhaps 100M...

This UK product apparently includes servo-control, digital IO, and serial communications
A complete wireless
control solution

If you're using a Stamp...

IR Buddy Pair Price: $49.00

Parallax 433 MHz RF Transceiver Package - BACKORDERED
[Larger image] Stock#: 28180 Category: Accessories-RF
Parallax 433 MHz RF Transceiver Package - BACKORDERED
Price: $109.00
Weight: 0.4 lb.

Expected to Ship: 05/05/06
New for 2006! Parallax produces our own RF modules from products made by the wireless module leader, Linx Technologies. The Parallax RF modules provide a very easy and low-cost method of sending data between microcontrollers or to a PC from 500 ft+ line-of-sight (depending on conditions). This transceiver package comes with two receivers and two transmitters, everything you need for bi-directional communication!

433 mHz Parallax RF Transmitter Manual (.pdf)
433 mHz Parallax RF Receiver Manual (.pdf)

replacing a USB cable ...

Our AIRcable Industrial with a longer 9dBi antenna can do that.
Use a class 1 Bluetooth dongle on the PC.

If bridging a serial connection...
Radio / Wireless



and then there's gumstix with cfstix and wifi (or something, its hard to tell)

Make Movie Festival:

Make Movie Festival

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Ladybag
Purse Won't Let You Forget Keys

obscure mac tweaks x11 dashboard etc.

Not for the first time, I'm tweaking my mac.
In the course of doing it I've re-discovered a few tricks.

Disable dashboard
defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES
killall Dock

for X11
I used RCenvironment from
to set DISPLAY to :0.0

Friday, April 07, 2006

Make a Powerbook in to a Wi-Fi access point using Evdo

by Phillip Torrone
November 21, 2005

Editor's note: This How-to was originally posted in the MAKE blog.

In Make volume 03 we showed you how to make a "StompBox" - a device that uses a high speed EVDO wireless access card and Wi-Fi to create a mobile wireless access point. The StompBox centered around a 12VDC-powered embedded computer, but if you have a Mac Powerbook with PC card slot and a EVDO card, you can make the same kind of thing, broadcasting free Wi-Fi for anyone around! Here's how...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

3D Mouse

3D from a mouse.

Hmm, one mouse, 3 inputs and a protocol....