Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cuter Scooter Defined By Electricity, Portability

Cuter Scooter Defined By Electricity, Portability:

"The whole design project was accomplished in eight months, 'from a blank sheet to a built concept,' Mitchell said. The multigenerational, cross-disciplinary team included a core group of four graduate students along with several others who made contributions, and a group of MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program students. One key to their ability to accomplish the innovative design, he said, was that 'they don't know what's 'impossible,' so they just go out and do it.'"

The new design "was all about providing a clean, green, silent electric scooter that would provide, even better, the same kind of urban mobility," he said.

Monday, November 26, 2007 Technology | Why Johnny can't code Technology | Why Johnny can't code:

"Typing in a simple algorithm yourself, seeing exactly how the computer calculates and iterates in a manner you could duplicate with pencil and paper -- say, running an experiment in coin flipping, or making a dot change its position on a screen, propelled by math and logic, and only by math and logic: All of this is priceless. As it was priceless 20 years ago. Only 20 years ago, it was physically possible for millions of kids to do it. Today it is not.

In effect, we have allowed a situation to develop that is like a civilization devouring its seed corn. If an enemy had set out to do this to us -- quietly arranging so that almost no school child in America can tinker with line coding on his or her own -- any reasonably patriotic person would have called it an act of war."

Torpedo Digital Projector - Wal-Mart

Torpedo Digital Projector $150 at Walmart

Torpedo Digital Projector

VoiceThread - Group conversations around images, docs and videos.

VoiceThread - Group conversations around images, docs and videos.

This is a great new service, and a great example of a Tool for Creative Practices.
(And this particular voicethread is a really interesting exhibit!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda - New York Times

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda - New York Times

I do favor a gasoline tax phased in over 12 months. But let’s get one thing straight: My opponent and I are both for a tax. I just prefer that my taxes go to the U.S. Treasury, and he’s ready to see his go to the Russian, Venezuelan, Saudi and Iranian treasuries. His tax finances people who hate us. Mine would offset some of our payroll taxes, pay down our deficit, strengthen our dollar, stimulate energy efficiency and shore up Social Security. It’s called win-win-win-win-win for America. My opponent’s strategy is sit back, let the market work and watch America lose-lose-lose-lose-lose.” If you can’t win that debate, you don’t belong in politics.

Webcam 1-2-3 - broadcast live video and audio with windows media streaming,web camera server, broadcast live video on the web, webcasting software,str

Webcam 1-2-3 - broadcast live video and audio with windows media streaming
Webcam 1-2-3
Webcam 1-2-3 is simply the best choice if you want to monitor your store, home or office over the Internet! Webcam 1-2-3 enables you to broadcast video and audio easily yet provides the features professionals need. All you need is an Internet ready PC and a web camera.

Live Streaming Webcam Capture Software, Windows Media Streaming, Real time broadcasting, Live feed broadcaster

Live Streaming Webcam Capture Software, Windows Media Streaming, Real time broadcasting, Live feed broadcaster:

Webcam Tracker Live!

Webcam Tracker Live was created with the use of modern technologies. It uses Direct Show for working with video and sound capturing devices and Windows Media for dataflow transfer.

Webcam Tracker Live screenshot Webcam Tracker Live screenshot

Using Windows Media technology, you can compress video and sound by any video/audio codec installed into your system and make it any size you want. Thus you will be able to transfer sound and video in real time with acceptable quality even using a regular modem line. » Convert Axis webcam stream to Flash (.swf/.flv)

Convert Axis webcam stream to Flash (.swf/.flv)

We use an Axis 206w webcam at work. This camera has an build in webserver that serves an MJPEG (Motion JPEG video) stream. Later cams servers also MPEG4 streams, but the 206w doesn’t. It has an buildin .swf feed, but that one does not work on my browsers. Now I have a work around to use swf files. What I do is using FFmpeg to convert the MJPEG feed to swf and flv. I use a separate server, not the build in one on the cam!

Welcome to Oculon

Welcome to Oculon

Hikari Rro920, the World's tiniest projector!

 Looking for the pocket projector? When choosing a pocket projector, look out for the light-weight and color accuracy.
 Oculon, maker of award-winning, high-quality presentation and display products, is showing two new, tiny business projectors in International CES,2008. The booth is located in Sands. #73638.The world's smallest projectors, Pocket Projector each weigh in at 10 ounces and fit easily into a purse, coat pocket or the palm of a hand.

Olympus: Shooting and Projecting Omnidirectional Video Images in Full HD -- Tech-On!

Olympus: Shooting and Projecting Omnidirectional Video Images in Full HD -- Tech-On!

On the left is a camera that can shoot video images with horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 360 and 50°, respectively, in full HD resolution. In the center is the projector that can project images shot with the camera. At right is the image projected on a cylindrical screen.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Creative Generalist

Creative Generalist:
"There is a tremendous demand for design thinkers today."

This quote, from a recent article in BusinessWeek called The Cross-Discipline Design Imperative, is for all of the Creative Generalists out there who have, over the years, emailed me to lament that nobody's hiring generalists:

There is a tremendous demand for design thinkers today. In industry and in consulting, those who can marry creative right-brain thinking and analytical left-brain thinking are at a premium. That's because innovation often happens not in the center of a discipline but in the space between disciplines, and right now a lot of new value is being found at the intersection of design and business. Professionals who can understand and respect both sides are at an advantage in our increasingly creative economy.

There is definitely a major shift underway and at its core is a growing recognition of the enormous value that a whole / intersectional / systems / design / long-view / intertwingled / interdisciplinary / multicultural / T-Shaped / versatilist / creative generalist approach actually has on business, research, innovation, arts, organizations, education, society, and life. It's immensely exciting to see more and more articles like this and to learn of all of increasing number of initiatives taking advantage of it.

[Take, for example, one of the examples mentioned in the article: the "Support Design Education" project. Check out the great video they put together describing it.]

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Top-10 gift ideas for the Linux Gadget Geek

Top-10 gift ideas for the Linux Gadget Geek
Top-10 gift ideas for the Linux Gadget Geek Nov. 09, 2007

Got a Linux Gadget Geek on your shopping list? You can't fail with a gift from this guide to the ten hottest Linux-powered devices gleaned from's news throughout 2007. There's something for everyone, at prices from $150 to $1,000, organized from least to most expensive. Enjoy!

Top-10 gift ideas for the Linux Gadget Geek

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PMP does WiFi, downloads music, runs Linux -- Flash memory and consumer device specialist SanDisk is shipping the first portable multimedia player (PMP) able to download music directly via WiFi, without the use of a PC. The "Sansa Connect," which runs embedded Linux and Mono, connects directly to online music services via WiFi. About $150 for the 4GB version.

Linux IM pad beefs up, invites hacking -- Zipit Wireless has updated its Linux-based, WiFi-connected instant messaging client for kids and other frequent IM users. The new $150 Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 (Z2) adds a color screen, a faster processor, and expansion interfaces likely to prove popular among both kids and Linux hackers.

Linux-based programmable clock device ships -- Chumby is shipping its Linux-powered device designed for the bedside, desktop, and kitchen counter. The alarm-clock sized "Chumby" has hackable hardware, software, and outerware, connects via WiFi, and can be programmed to display everything from clock faces to stock quotes. $180 with free shipping.

Motorola touts updated Linux/Java phone platform -- The MotoRokr Z6 (vendor site) is the first of Motorola's Linux phones to be widely sold in the U.S. It's a music-oriented slider phone, and you can buy one for $275, or two for about $500, as long as you don't mind them both being the same color. Formerly known as the MotoRizr Z6 when first announced, the phone uses an innovative single-chip, dual core architecture with a single memory bank, for longer battery life, among other geek-pleasing features.

iPhone-like Linux phone ready for hackers -- A project to build an open, user-extensible Linux-based mobile phone has opened its online store for business. About 1,000 OpenMoko Neo1973 phones are available initially, primarily targeting hackers and developers, with general availability of a "mass market" phone expected this Fall. Price: $300 to $450, depending on whether or not you want the "hacker" edition (you know THE GEEK will!)

Linux-powered Asus Eee PC mini-laptop arrives -- The Xandros Linux-powered mini-PC has finally arrived. One of the most eagerly awaited laptops in some time, the tiny Asus Eee PC 4G is now available from online retailers that include Newegg and Directon, albeit priced higher than originally expected, at nearly $400. A sub-$300 model should follow by mid-November, however.

Nokia unveils Linux-powered N810 Internet Tablet -- This is probably the one they really want. This new version of Nokia's Linux-based Internet tablet is smaller, heavier, and faster than the older N800, with new features that include a slide-out hardware QWERTY thumb keyboard, GPS receiver, FM transmitter (for in-car listening), and a light-sensing screen dimmer. It runs Maemo Linux, one of the flagship examples of how well open source development can work, and costs about $380. The older N800 has the same internals, and is just as good for users not planning to do email/IMing on the device. It sells for as little as $250, and still seems to be in production.

OLPC "Give 1, Get 1" promo starts Nov. 12 in the U.S. -- One Laptop Per Child's "XO" device -- commonly referred to as the $100 Linux laptop -- will be offered as part of a "Give 1, Get 1" promotional program in the U.S. and Canada beginning Nov. 12. Total cost of doing a good deed for your child and one in a foreign land? About $380.

Mot's Linux phone arrives at U.S. stores -- In October, Motorola sent out a mass email inviting recipients to "experience" its Linux-based RAZR2 V8 phone "at your nearest mobile phone store." The first of Mot's "iconic" Razr line to use Linux, the V8 may have been delayed, however, as it still doesn't seem to be available as of Nov. 7 from major U.S. GSM/GPRS providers like AT&T (formerly Cingular), Sprint, and T-Mobile. You can find unlocked versions for about $500. Motorola has also announced a "Luxury Edition" with 24K gold plating and fake snakeskin, which probably costs even more.

Linux device makes good, better, Best -- Another Linux-based gadget has broken into the mainstream consumer electronics marketplace. The Sonos Digital Music System, first introduced in 2006, but updated several times in 2007 with features such as WM11 file support, is now available in more than 450 Best Buy retail outlets in the U.S. A basic two-room setup costs about $1,000, including a nifty Linux-based handheld controller.

And, an honorable mention...

Linux-powered prophylactic protects Vista PC -- The Yoggie Pico is a Linux-powered, USB-interfaced firewall squished into a thumb drive-sized package. The device can be found online for $150 or less.


Wireless Net DesignLine > Design Center

Chumby: Open and hackable

Chumby is an expandable Wi-Fi device designed by hackers for hackers. If you ever wanted to invent your own personal electronic appliance, here's your chance.

Wireless Net DesignLine

For designers, Chumby is pretty much a dream come true. It is completely open source. It invites clever people to improve upon it—or, since improve is a matter of matter of personal choice, customize might be a better word. Chumby may even be an important step toward a time when the creators of technology actually receive their fair share of the benefits of that technology.

Because Chumby is open and extensible, it is difficult to pigeonhole it in a familiar consumer electronics category. Better to define it by its basic functionality. It has an LCD screen; it is Wi-Fi capable; and, it has speakers, audio output and a USB port. Also, newer prototype versions include a three-axis accelerometer. (A more comprehensive parts list can be found on the Chumby site.)

Best of all, if you don't like something about Chumby, you can hack it.

Figure 1. Plain vanilla Chumby with coffee mug. $179.oo

The alpha version of Chumby is powered by a 266-MHz ARM controller (the Freescale M21) accompanied by 32 MB SDRAM and 64 MB NAND Flash ROM. The prototype OS runs the Linux 2.4.20 kernel but the product will probably ship with a later version.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Small Lovin: Fit-PC Sips on 5W of Power, Is Super Tiny

Fit-PC Sips on 5W of Power, Is Super Tiny


From CompuLab, the Fit-PC is a tiny, no frills Linux PC that uses a mere 5W of power to operate. That's one-fifth what some computers burn in standby. And the specs may be better than you'd expect. An AMD Geode processor runs at 500 MHz, supported by 256MB DDR memory (non-expandable), 40GB 2.5" hard drive and SXGA graphics controller. And none of that needs fans to cool. The inclusion of 2 USB ports mean that the Fit-PC will actually work with normal peripherals...though we're not certain how much power those ports will supply your devices.

Presentations: Stop Death by PowerPoint

Presentation consultant Alexei Kapterev put together a must-see slideshow on creating great presentations. Hit the next button above to flip through it and see how to stop killing your audience with boring PowerPoint presentations (no audio, the slides speak for themselves). This one's essential (and entertaining) viewing for students and professionals alike. See also how to rock your presentation with the right tools and apps.

Friday, November 16, 2007

BuilderDepot | MegaStore

BuilderDepot | MegaStoreEntrance > > PAINT & DECOR > MIRRORS

Steel, 18-inch diameter, 180¬ dome mirror (Each)
Code: M1825 (BD SKU 65724)


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PAT2PDF - Free PDF copies of patents: Download and print!

PAT2PDF - Free PDF copies of patents: Download and print!
To download a copy of a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, please enter your request in the format below.

For: Enter:
US Utility Patent 5000000 or 5,123,456
US Pre-Grant Publication 20040123456 [you may need to add a "0" after the year.]
US Design Patent d50000
US Plant Patent pp05000 [add leading 0's if needed]
US Reissue re34343
US Statutory Invention Reg. h1234
Multiple Requests Separate with a semicolon: 12345; pp6000

A Bright Idea!

A Bright Idea!

Digital Rochester presents:

More info for

Learn how to enter!
Check out the ground rules

Lead the pack!!
Enter your students

Meet potential employees!
Endorse their entries

Help make the
contest possible!

Time to make some connections! We want to help the bright, innovative students from our local colleges and universities discover the rich variety of employers located in upstate New York - and we're going to have some fun together in the process!

Students at all regional colleges are invited to enter a contest for the most innovative ideas for a product or service. The competition concludes with an exhibition at which the students present their ideas to the general public in a trade show style environment and vie for multiple cash prizes.

We're looking for local companies in any industry that are willing to spend 1-2 hours discussing A Bright Idea with a local college student or student team. You could meet a talented prospective employee as you help students to discover that there are more than 3-4 big name companies in Rochester!

Student registration begins in October. Student meetings with endorsement companies will take place between October and year end. The final exhibition will be held early in February and we hope you'll attend!

Win $$$! Meet prospective employers!

If you have questions, send us an email.