Monday, November 19, 2007

Creative Generalist

Creative Generalist:
"There is a tremendous demand for design thinkers today."

This quote, from a recent article in BusinessWeek called The Cross-Discipline Design Imperative, is for all of the Creative Generalists out there who have, over the years, emailed me to lament that nobody's hiring generalists:

There is a tremendous demand for design thinkers today. In industry and in consulting, those who can marry creative right-brain thinking and analytical left-brain thinking are at a premium. That's because innovation often happens not in the center of a discipline but in the space between disciplines, and right now a lot of new value is being found at the intersection of design and business. Professionals who can understand and respect both sides are at an advantage in our increasingly creative economy.

There is definitely a major shift underway and at its core is a growing recognition of the enormous value that a whole / intersectional / systems / design / long-view / intertwingled / interdisciplinary / multicultural / T-Shaped / versatilist / creative generalist approach actually has on business, research, innovation, arts, organizations, education, society, and life. It's immensely exciting to see more and more articles like this and to learn of all of increasing number of initiatives taking advantage of it.

[Take, for example, one of the examples mentioned in the article: the "Support Design Education" project. Check out the great video they put together describing it.]