Monday, November 05, 2007 - Lycra Spandex projection screens - Lycra Spandex projection screens

Our one-size-fits-all giant screen is the ultimate tool for DJs or anyone looking for a portable projection solution with a sleek design and tremendous versatility. The screen comes complete with carry bag and attaching straps.

This screen can be used as a permanent or portable front and rear projection surface. It can be installed in less than 5 minutes. It can be purchased without trussing for only 249$ or with a truss for only 329$

Our screens are all made with an exclusive custom-manufactured stretchable material that ensures maximum luminosity and image quality. Order yours today!


1-Why buy this? isnt' it be cheaper for me to buy the material and make a screen myself?
-No, this type of material is expensive and very complex to work with and requiring special machines, special stretchable thread and an experienced and specialized seamstress. The amount wasted material and time spent trying to figure how to make one yourself will cost more money.

2-How long does it last? Can I use it for years?

-Yes, the screen will last forever if you work carefully with it. The only maintenance is cleaning. We recommend dry cleaning to preserve the flame retardant treatment. Folding & ironing not needed.

3-Is it worth the investment?
-Absolutely, think of the money you can generate by offering your customers visual entertainment along with your music. You can project anything with a laptop or DVD player and a projector.

4-How and where do I attach the screen?
-The screen can easily be installed on a standard truss or any other wall or structure imaginable. Our revolutionary gromet-free design make the installation very simple, easy and quick.

4-What's included? does it come with the truss?
-When you click on "buy now", you have the option of adding a truss for an additional 80$ if you need one. All orders come with instructions, 8 bungee attach cords and a FREE carry bag.