Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fwd: Greenride Organizing Committee

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Date: Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 5:33 PM
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Jon and Ricardo-

What a lovely afternoon for a ride on the Greenway!

If the purpose of this whole event is to raise awareness of the trail,
you've caused at least one new person to ride it. I'd ridden many times before from Genesee Valley Park to downtown, but had never ridden out to RIT before on the Lehigh Valley Trail. It makes RIT seem a whole lot closer to downtown then I'd ever thought before. It's a nice ride even with road tires!

There are a dozen flyers in page protectors along the trail now. They are mostly attached to Genesee River Trail signs and the gates at road intersections on the Lehigh Valley Trail. Some pictures are attached.

Please let me know if there's anything else that I can help you with in getting ready for Saturday. I plan to drive out to RIT on Saturday morning and ride the round trip, set up a table for R Community Bikes, and hang out at the event until it's over.

See you then!


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rochester GreenRide Oct 24 Downtown Library to RIT and the Rochester Bicycle Summit


I'm writing to alert you to an event that should be of interest to bicyclists and environmentalists throughout the Greater Rochester area.

Saturday, October 24th will mark's International Day of Climate Action and the end of a week of climate action teach-ins at RIT. The culminating event in Rochester will be a mass bike ride along the proposed Rochester Greenway. The Rochester Greenway goes south from Downtown along the river, past the University of Rochester, through the Genessee Valley Park, and on down the Lehigh Valley North Trail to RIT. The draft GreenRide poster sketches the route.

Once at RIT, the Rochester Bike Summit will be held in the new Center for Student Innovation. Its goal: to discuss a number of exciting bicycle and alternative transportation initiatives, and to make connections between the bicycle community, city planners, and environmentalists. We might also consider the need for a "common cause" organization that could help these initiatives become realities. For more information, see the draft Rochester Bicycle Ecology Poster (attached), and look for details coming soon to Your input and projects would be most welcome additions!

Among the attractions planned for the Rochester Cycle Summit
  • volunteer-manned stations for free bicycle maintenance
  • exhibits on pedal power and bicycles as energy-conservation solutions
  • posters and exhibits describing numerous bike initiatives
  • an ultra-wide screen short describing the potential for making Rochester a world class center for recreational and functional transport
  • free rides on electric bikes and recumbents
  • · your bike shop, project, or proposal!
We'd like your help shaping the event and recruiting participants. The attached materials are still evolving, but time is short. Please pass this message on to others who would be interested, and let me know, how you or your organization would like to be involved.

Jon Schull cell: 585-738-6696
Associate Professor Rochester Institute of Technology

Sunday, October 04, 2009


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it would seem that ANYONE can email to my blog?
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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Voice Memo from Jon Schull, 6:54 PM

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Sat Oct 3 18:54:45 EDT 2009
Just 'Say it & Mail it'

Google Map Location,-77.5723

ultralight documentation

I'm looking for the most lightweight system for documenting what's going on the Innovation Center.

I'd like to be able to take a picture or video, add a voice annotation and/or text, send it to the web and see the post with the voice annotation transcribed. (Is that asking so much?)

I can't figure out how to mash that up (see below), but what I can do with my iphone easily is upload video to youtube (with narration say) and later do easy "captions" in the form of annotations and even swap in a sound track...all from within youtube on the web.

like this:

Below are the approaches I explored before deciding the above is as good as it's likely to get.

For example there's a neat $1.99 iphone app called "Say It and Mail It" that makes it easy to attach a voice recording and a photo (and a map) to a single email message.
Now what about transcripts?
  • I can call reqall and get a transcript back by email
  • but I can't send the voice recording to reqall
  • --I might be able to finesse that by playing the voice recording through skype, but I can't get reqall to accept the skype call (though this reportedly can be done).

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Music Apps Blur the Gap Between You and Clapton -

Music Apps Blur the Gap Between You and Clapton -

There’s something about an iPhone music app. For musicians, it’s like having an instrument in your pocket. For nonmusicians, it’s a way to coax sounds -- often programmed to stay on key no matter what note one actually plays -- out of what may be the only instrumentlike device they ever pick up.

Jennifer Daniel

A main goal for many of these apps’ developers is to introduce nonmusical people to music, and musical people to different kinds of music. And when taken less as a serious instrument and more as a sampler for the wide world of music, these devices are wildly successful.


Many musical apps offer the ability to record a track, then add layers on top of it. Doing this between disparate apps is impossible without external recording software, but a multi-instrumental app like Moocow’s Band gives novices the opportunity to record and edit tracks with drums, bass and guitar, and make sure it all sounds pretty good (even if one doesn’t know how to play a lick of music). It’s as much a game as Guitar Hero, only instead of trying to keep up with prerecorded music, the goal is to make music of one’s own.