Saturday, December 31, 2005


Pandora: If you like this song, you'll like these. Here, we've made you a radio station....

SIMILE | Java Firefox Extension

SIMILE | Java Firefox Extension: Has anyone used this to put a javabased webserver into browser? see TwoWayWeb

SleepWatcher - 2.0.2

SleepWatcher - 2.0.2: "execute shell scripts upon sleep, wakeup, idleness"

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Camera phone + bluetooth + geolocation => emergent knowledge

Camera phone helps label snaps: "The emerging technology will allow people and places to be automatically identified and labeled within each picture, as it is taken.

based on a central server that registers details sent by the phone when the photo is taken. These include the nearest cellphone mast, the strength of the call signal and the time the photo was taken.

The system also identifies the other Bluetooth-enabled cellphones within range of the photographer and combines this with the time and place information to create a shortlist of people who might be in the picture. This can then be combined with facial-recognition algorithms to identify the subjects from the shortlist.

Facial recognition software on its own can only identify people with 43 per cent accuracy from the grainy shots taken by camera phones, but in tests Davis and his team found that by combining it with context information the system could correctly identify people 60 per cent of the time. The context information can also be combined with image-recognition software to identify places within photos.

My new phone. But how to get Salling Clicker installed?

Use the Verizon Nokia 6256i phone with OS X: "The Nokia 6256i is the only plain phone in Verizon's arsenal, besides the Motorola e815, which supports Bluetooth.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good luck Iraq

Baghdad hospital workers who were allowed to vote early

Zero footprint POE thin client $299

The Jack-PC brings to life the unique concept of “Computer in-the-wall” fulfilling important promises to enterprise IT managers and decision makers:

  • Highest Applications Security
  • Full Protection from Damage & Theft
  • Integration with Existing Standard Enterprise Infrastructures
  • Power-Over-Ethernet for the World’s lowest Power Desktop
  • Complete Remote Management

The Jack-PC thin client computers o perate in a Server-Based-Computing environment and quickly convert existing enterprise LAN jacks into fully-operatable computers without installing additional cabling.
Catching ZERO desk space, the computer mounts unobtrusively inside a standard wall socket. The computer module is secured inside the wall and behind the faceplate, lessening exposure to damage, disconnection, or theft.
Chip PC provides the Jack-PC thin client computers with a fully managed Windows XP-compatible desktop interface.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Turn your existing whiteboard into an interactive classroom workspace.