Monday, July 11, 2005

Finally the Two Way Web

Abe Fettig is barking up the same tree as we are and with similar psychological results:
I’ve been working on a project at JotSpot that is so incredibly cool, I get excited every time I think about it.
So I'm hereby posting some of our work. (Can you believe I'm in Lisbon Portugal delaying a day-trip to put this up?)

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Here's a "straw man road map called "Finally the Two Way Web?". It begins...
Tim Berners-Lee's original vision was of a two-way web.
It never happened. Here it is.
Web pages are editable, and extensible, by many individuals simultaneously, using only their browsers.
Changes made by anyone are visible to everyone immediately.
All comments welcome. We're developing a platform and an approach, as well as a specific implementation (in ajax, javascript, and python at the moment).

Let a thousand flowers bloom!