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WiiFlash released

April 8th, 2007 by C4RL05

WiiFlash allows you to control your Flash games and applications with the revolutionary Wiimote. "

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These balls can be used oudoors for games and special effects or as part of the scenery for a set!
... also for childrens

giant balls

TeRK Telepresence Robot Kit

TeRK Telepresence Robot Kit: "Community Robotics

The TeRK project has received a three year grant from Intel to conduct research into community robotics. The project, entitled Neighborhood Nets is an interdisciplinary research project that combines design, art, qualitative research, informal learning, and engineering to discover and describe how communities do, or might, make use of emerging networked technologies (such as the Qwerk) through interviews, participant observation, workshops, and participatory design. Thank you Intel!"


This robotic flower blossoms, wilts, tracks objects moving in front of it, and can catch a ball. Check out the recipe to build your own.

TaxShift 2008

Let's make sure that the next president is elected with a Tax Shift mandate.
Repeat after me:
Save Money
Save the Planet
Stop taxing income
Start taxing carbon
TaxShift 2008

See ... "Tax what I take, not what I make" PhotoBioReactor PhotoBioReactor

Final Thoughts:
So after running for 2 weeks we have a very healthy culture. The night after we set this up and got it running we had a cold snap and we had a little ice form in the tubes.There is lots of great work going on with photo bio reactors. Check out these links:

Photo Bio Reactor Project
Coal Power Plant Reactor

Saturday, April 21, 2007

GE Sharing | Start

GE Sharing | Start

GE Sharing – Use Google Earth™ together

„What I see is what you get!
With GE Sharing, you are able to use Google Earth together with friends and business partners on different computers no matter where they are. Your connected partner can see all things you do in Google Earth in real time. So talk to your partner on the phone and plan vacation trips, explore the planet or do "online-sightseeing" together.

During your GE Sharing session you are able to switch roles, so that your partner controls your Google Earth window and you can see every place he opens in his or her Google Earth window.

You can find more detailed information on how it works in our FAQ

Sunday, April 15, 2007

GoogleEarth as Swiss Army Knife

Google Earth Community: COM API (beta! beta! beta!)

Google Earth Community: COM API (beta! beta! beta!):
lots of clues here...

"This is how to control Google Earth from Python:

import win32com.client

googleEarth = win32com.client.Dispatch('GoogleEarth.ApplicationGE')
while not googleEarth.IsInitialized():
print 'waiting for Google Earth to initialize'

googleEarth.SetCameraParams( 41.487942634608913, -81.686570904088171, 0.0, 1, 150.00011938469936, 70.000000000947935, -127.30257903894255, 100)

Digital Urban: Using Google Earth as a Panorama Viewer

Digital Urban: Using Google Earth as a Panorama Viewer: "

While capturing screengrabs for our tutorial on creating panoramas from Google Earth we got thinking that you could use the Earth itself as a panoramic image viewer.

All of our panoramas on the blog cover a 360x180 degree field of view - ie a sphere. By adding a new Google Earth overlay you can load a panoramic image and wrap it around the globe, thus allowing you to use the Earth as a viewer.
" The Case for Geothermal The Case for Geothermal: "The Case for Geothermal"
Not hot rocks: just exploiting temperatures 6 feet down!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

SketchUp to IMVU

SketchUp to IMVU: "Exporting Your SketchUp Model to IMVU

Google’s free version of SketchUp was initially created for the ease of creating models to be placed in their Google Earth application. Incidentally, this is the same format we will be using to export into the IMVU Previewer.

Conduit : Conduit for Google Earth Pro : Overview

Conduit : Conduit for Google Earth Pro : Overview
Conduit for Google Earth Pro enables users of geographic information to move seamlessly beyond the desktop and into large scale virtual environments.

Conduit for Google Earth Pro may be configured to provide:
Stereoscopic viewing for true depth perception and more insightful data analysis
Real-time changes in viewing perspective as the user moves within the virtual environment
Intuitive navigation and interaction using advanced virtual reality input devices
1:1 scale viewing on immersive visualization systems including multi-projector flat or curved screens, walk-in immersive rooms, or reconfigurable multi-wall displays
Enhanced resolution output using cluster-based, multiprojector, tiled displays

u n y p e . c o m

u n y p e . c o m

multi-user google earth, now !

Use your existing Skype account for a multi-user Google Earth experience

3D Connexion Releases Software Development Kit

3D Connexion Releases Software Development Kit

3Dconnexion says the new SDK includes instructions and examples of application source code, as well as code samples in C+, Visual Basic and Java. In addition, 3Dconnexion offers several support resources exclusively for developers, including a developer’s forum ( and dedicated e-mail support.

Remote Control Plane with Camera Capturing Real-time Images for Google Earth

Google Earth Blog: Watch Remote Control Plane with Camera Capturing Real-time Images for Google Earth

Check out this really cool video showing a guy launching a small unmanned remote control aerial vehicle with a digital camera used to capture images and then show the images in Google Earth.

The company Pict'Earth, has released these videos on their web site.

SpaceNavigator News: Fly Inside Demo

Google Earth Blog: SpaceNavigator News: Fly Inside

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Telepresence World 2007

Telepresence World 2007: "

Enter Promotional Code: SD07HPL during registration to receive a $100 discount off the registration fee

GUUUI - Visio - the interaction designer's nail gun (3rd edition)

GUUUI - Visio - the interaction designer's nail gun (3rd edition):
How to use Visio for rapid prototyping - now with scrolling pages and sketchy interface widgets.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wiimote used to navigate immersive 3D environments

Wiimote used to navigate immersive 3D environments

While the Wiimote is probably exceeding Nintendo's wildest expectations in terms of its popularity among gamers, the little controller that could has also developed quite a following in the modding community -- with the proper scripts, you can control anything from an RC car to a Roomba to a software drum kit. Well now you can add research tool to the Wiimote's list of accomplishments, as scientists at the University of Western Australia have successfully employed it to navigate immersive 3D environments created by a projector and three-meter-diameter dome. By modifying the popular DarwiinRemote OS X app, Paul Bourke and his colleagues at the University of Western Australia found themselves with a cheap tool to fly through space simulations, cruise around a visual representation of supercomputer node activity, and even tour 360 degree VR maps of real world buildings. The team concluded that the Wiimote is a good-but-not-great substitute for the controllers normally used in these simulations, but at a fraction of their cost, it opens up this method of data manipulation to a whole new world of users.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Tech Zone Computer Hardware Reviews

The Tech Zone Computer Hardware Reviews: "The TEW-429UF is the next evolution in its Award-Winning WiFi Detector product line. The new unit incorporates a Wi-Fi Detector with LCD Display, 802.11g USB 2.0 Adapter, and a 512MB Flash Memory Drive, creating the ultimate All-in-One mobile solution.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Wire

The Wire: the next world

The gaming sphere, and a track system for hanging gaming stations en masse.
photo by Josh Pierce

It's easy to miss the last device in the workshop, but that would be a mistake. It's a track system for hanging those 73-inch screens in bulk. The overhead track could be hung in some big room, dangling rows and rows of projectors and projection screens making up each gaming station.

"We could just come in and take over a warehouse," explains Fortier.

If the prototype gives them the answers they're hoping for, their model installation would have four spheres, 12 of the 180-degree theaters, 300 gaming stations with hanging 73-inch screens, and a full restaurant.

And they imagine hundreds of these, all across the country, with the first one planned for Baltimore, Md., sometime in 2005.

Take a minute to think about that-300 73-inch rectangles floating in rows in a dim warehouse, all lit with the light of games. They are all linked together, and then linked to others around the country, and all around the gaming world.

It's a huge idea, and it feels like the future.