Monday, April 02, 2007

The Wire

The Wire: the next world

The gaming sphere, and a track system for hanging gaming stations en masse.
photo by Josh Pierce

It's easy to miss the last device in the workshop, but that would be a mistake. It's a track system for hanging those 73-inch screens in bulk. The overhead track could be hung in some big room, dangling rows and rows of projectors and projection screens making up each gaming station.

"We could just come in and take over a warehouse," explains Fortier.

If the prototype gives them the answers they're hoping for, their model installation would have four spheres, 12 of the 180-degree theaters, 300 gaming stations with hanging 73-inch screens, and a full restaurant.

And they imagine hundreds of these, all across the country, with the first one planned for Baltimore, Md., sometime in 2005.

Take a minute to think about that-300 73-inch rectangles floating in rows in a dim warehouse, all lit with the light of games. They are all linked together, and then linked to others around the country, and all around the gaming world.

It's a huge idea, and it feels like the future.