Monday, November 27, 2006

squiggle motors

A very very cool piezo electric linear motor from a Rochester company.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tips on your new 3125 - Cingular/HTC - Cingular Customer Forums

Tips on your new 3125 - Cingular/HTC - Cingular Customer Forums

Do a search for "Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone software" on Google, and it will bring back several sites. My personal favorite is, but there are many others. Make sure that you download ONLY software that is compatible with WIndows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone version, Pocket PC software will not work, nor will most programs written for Windows Mobile 2003. Before you buy, download the trial version and make sure it works on your 3125. If you had a 2125, all of the software that you had for the 2125 will work on the 3125.

Don't use it!!
By far the fastest and easiest way to install photos and music to your 3125 is to use Activesync.
1. Sync your phone.
2. While connected open Explore.
3. Open My Device and double click on Storage Card
4. Drag and Drop your photos and music from My Documents on your PC to the open Storage Card window (i.e. don't put it in a folder on the storage card). Everything will copy over in seconds. DO NOT create a separate folder in your Storage card to store any music you want to use as ringtones.
Alternately, you can use your microSD card's SD-adapter and a card reader to copy over files to your storage card.
Do NOT use Windows Mobile Media Player to sync your music -- it will take hours if you have more than one song.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Accreted Wisdom, Etc.

Accreted Wisdom, Etc.
Advice for Graduate Students

IWSAWC 2007 — Multimodal Interactive Systems Group

IWSAWC 2007 — Multimodal Interactive Systems Group

IWSAWC 2007 - The 7th International Workshop

on Smart Appliances and Wearable Computing

In Conjunction with ICDCS 2007

June 29th 2007, Toronto, Canada

Call for Papers


Microsoft RoundTable Video (Formerly RingCam)

This is something we should use on several of our projects

Fortnightly Mailing

Fortnightly Mailing: "Evaluation of Open Source repository systems

Here is a well-structured and clear 41 page technical evaluation [250 kB PDF] of 3 major Open Source open access repository systems (DSpace, ePrints, and Fedora), written by Max Maxwell, Jun Yamog, and Richard Wyles. The evaluation was funded by the Tertiary Education Commission of New Zealand. It was published in September 2006, and, in the case of ePrints, covers version 2, rather than the presently available version 3, which has superior work-flow capabilities.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Standard Error Redirector

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Standard Error Redirector:
Submitter: Stephen Chappell (other recipes)
Last Updated: 2006/03/20

This recipe was designed for remotely receiving bug reports. It was written after participating in a programming contest where feedback was not helpful. The concept presented here is a step towards working with Python remotely. As sys.stderr is replaced in this recipe, so sys.stdin and sys.stdout can also be redirect to an alternate source (such as sockets connected to another computer).


Jepp - Usage


Jepp embeds CPython in Java. It is safe to use in a heavily threaded environment, it is quite fast and its stability is a main feature and goal. "

Friday, November 17, 2006

Google Calendar

For the second time, my Entourage calendar disappeared.
ITServices restored it.
Meanwhile Gmail and Gcal get better by the day.

An auto-synch of Entourage/Exchange to GCal is clearly needed, but meanwhile

The easiest way to back up my entourage calendar was simply to import it into ical.

And then to put the backup on GCal, I exported from ical and from GCal. No problem.

Of course new events will come to Entourage...and I'll want them in gmail. But since all my email is routed through gmail and maybe I can keep Gcal fresh.

When I'm disconnected from the net....well back to entourage unfortunately. Until google's next move.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

TED Blog: Wired Editor-at-Large Kevin Kelly on TEDTalks

TED Blog: Wired Editor-at-Large Kevin Kelly on TEDTalks: "technology the '7th kingdom of life.' "Kevin Kelly

TED Blog: Wired Editor-at-Large Kevin Kelly on TEDTalks

Kevin Kelly on TEDTalks
technology is the "7th kingdom of life."
Kevin Kelly

TED Blog: Wired Editor-at-Large Kevin Kelly on TEDTalks

TED Blog: Wired Editor-at-Large Kevin Kelly on TEDTalks

reactable software

reactable software
flashlights modded to project these fudicial symbols would be another way of allowing 90 people to mouse around on a screen...
" T-shirts, buttons and other products featuring the reacTIVision fiducial symbols are now available for purchase! All designs on these products can be recognized and tracked by the actual reacTIVision software. "

projects based on reacTIVision

  • reacTable*: a novel electro acoustic instrument with a tangible user interfaces where tangible objects represent the components of a classic modular synthesizer.
  • recipe-table: an installation by students from the Interface Culture Lab in Linz, Austria, where recipes can be browsed by placing the desired ingredients on an interactive kitchen surface.
  • Between Blinks & Buttons by Sascha Pohflepp.

Clear foam glues/coatings

Sculpt-or-Coat®1 and Mod Podge®2, used alone or more usually in combination, are the solution. These products are similar to white glue. They are both water soluble and dry completely clear. They can be thinned with water if necessary. The main difference between the two products that I have found is that Sculpt-or-Coat® has a thicker consistency and retains brush strokes when it dries. Even when thinned with water it still retains a textural finish when dry. However, it tends to produce a more rigid finish. Mod Podge® on the other hand is thinner and self-leveling as it dries. This makes for a very smooth surface. By using these two products together you can have the best properties of both.
1 Sculpt-or-Coat® is a trade mark of Sculptural Arts Coating, Inc.
2 Mod Podge® is a trade mark of Plaid Enterprises, Inc., Norcross, GA 30019

Ideas: Intro/Geometry/Nature

Ideas: Intro/Geometry/Nature

By experimentation it can be demonstrated that the tetrahedron is the minimum shape or structure that energy can take.

The minimum "thing" or system in the universe has to be a tetrahedron.

Anything less is not a system and does not have the properties of a system.

Systems can be made out of triangles, but how many?

By experimentation it can be demonstrated that only 3 basic systems can be constructed out of equilateral triangles: tetrahedra, octahedra, & icosahedra.

Therefore, all of nature must be built up from some combination or multiple of only those three basic systems!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If you're not willing to be wrong, you'll never do anything creative.

(he's also VERY funny)

Sir Ken Robinson (Ted Talk)

Sir Ken Robinson is author of Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative, and a leading expert on innovation and human resources. In this talk, he makes an entertaining (and profoundly moving) case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity, rather than undermining it. (Recorded February, 2006 in Monterey, CA.)

Hans Rosling's Ted Talk

Hans Rosling Information Visualization and the dawn of the macroscope

Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling is professor of international health at Sweden's world-renowned Karolinska Institute, and founder of Gapminder, a non-profit that brings vital global data to life. (Recorded February, 2006 in Monterey, CA.)
Jeff Han's Multi-Touch Sensing

Terrific presentation of terrific technology.
Microsoft Touchlight - Prototype Demo

A multitouch system with built in cameras. Very cool

ars electronica

Gotta catch up on the work of Zachary Lieberman in particular

and ars electronica in general

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Click here to see the movie

Motion Capture is a technique that translates motions into 3D-files. Motion capture is mostly used for animations in movies and computer games. Front have used the technique to simply record the tip of a pen when they draw pieces of furniture in the air.

Rapid Prototyping is a technique that materialises 3D-files. A laser beam builds the 3D-file layer by layer within a liquid plastic material. Every 0.1mm the liquid harden by a laser beam. After a few hours, the 3D-files come out as materialised pieces.

The Sketch Furniture project in Japan is made in collaboration with Barry Friedman Ltd. Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama and Crescent.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

"My guess is the U.S. will have one of the fastest growth rates over next five years. One of the interesting things about the U.S. when compared to other industrialized countries is that it has more sun per capita," Bradford said in an interview with Reuters.