Thursday, December 15, 2005

Zero footprint POE thin client $299

The Jack-PC brings to life the unique concept of “Computer in-the-wall” fulfilling important promises to enterprise IT managers and decision makers:

  • Highest Applications Security
  • Full Protection from Damage & Theft
  • Integration with Existing Standard Enterprise Infrastructures
  • Power-Over-Ethernet for the World’s lowest Power Desktop
  • Complete Remote Management

The Jack-PC thin client computers o perate in a Server-Based-Computing environment and quickly convert existing enterprise LAN jacks into fully-operatable computers without installing additional cabling.
Catching ZERO desk space, the computer mounts unobtrusively inside a standard wall socket. The computer module is secured inside the wall and behind the faceplate, lessening exposure to damage, disconnection, or theft.
Chip PC provides the Jack-PC thin client computers with a fully managed Windows XP-compatible desktop interface.