Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Aggregate: VWLib, Video Wall Library

The Aggregate: VWLib, Video Wall Library

Video Wall Library

VWLib is a Video Wall Library designed to be used on any hardware platform supported by AFAPI, especially Linux PC clusters.

VWLib Overview

The Video Wall Library defines its own very simple graphic interface based on the concepts of virtual frame buffers and walls. VWLib allows the user to work with 24-bit color images, automatically performing spatial, resolution, and color-depth mappings. The interface is reasonably fast, but is designed for ease of use: VWLib even supports mapping PPM image files so that unmodified other programs can be used to generate "live" visualizations on a wall by simply writing to PPM files. Unlike other video wall systems, there are no inherent scaling constraints; VWLib can be used for any number of machines and displays, with arbitrary positioning, color depth, and resolution for each display.

The best detailed summary is the two-page VWLib Reference Card (.pdf, .ps). The reference card includes a short example program that allows a user to pan and zoom an image (or PPM animation sequence) on a video wall.