Saturday, November 03, 2007

MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software

MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software

Multi Monitor Software Solution

MaxiVista turns any spare PC into a second monitor for your main computer. No extra hardware required. You can seamlessly extend program windows across multiple screens like it would be a single big monitor. Increase your productivity by using multiple monitors (more info)

Keyboard/Mouse Switch

Control up to four computers with one single keyboard and mouse - Seamlessly move the mouse cursor to the computer you would like to control. MaxiVista cleans up your desktop and saves you from juggling multiple mouse and keyboard input devices and buying kvm switches (more info)

Clipboard Sharing New!

Files, bitmaps, formatted text and other type of data can be easily shared between all computers. Whatever you copy to the standard Windows clipboard is available in all other computer's clipboard as well.

Desktop Screen Cloning

Mirror your computer screen to another PC via any network connection without any loss in picture quality (more info)