Wednesday, September 27, 2006

manta ray write up in Usability News

The British HCI group newsletter Usability News wrote up an account of the
HCI Engage 2006 conference. We got a a nice mention:
...however, by far the most glorious and elaborate event preceding the main conference [HCI Engage 2006], in London] , was a conference in its own right. (re)Actor: the First International Conference on Digital Live Art, led by Jenn Sheridan of Lancaster University and Alice Bayliss of the University of Leeds, focussed on HCI, computing and club art: 'mobile, avant garde art, the kind not typically put in a theatre'. 22 papers, 12 installations and 10 performances (some impromptu) took over the staid but elegant Octagon at Queen Mary, University of London. It brought in several people from the States, including the designers of a giant ray-like suspended robot that swooped over the hall and was later customised to dance just over the heads of attendees for the evening session. As well as hosting stunning displays, like the jugglers with light, ReActor addressed the serious issue of evaluation of art, and determining value from an HCI perspective. The full line-up can be seen at

We expect video and photos soon. Stay tuned.