Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cubex portable planetarium

CUBEX Inflatable Dome

The dome of the CUBEX is an inflatable dome measuring 4, 5, 6 or 7 meters in diameter. It is inflated by a three-speed fan that continuously blows air into its interior. To enter and exit, the highest blowing speed is used to compensate for air that is lost. Once the audience is inside, the fan’s speed is reduced to its lowest speed to maintain a quiet, continuous airflow that keeps the dome inflated and the interior comfortably ventilated.

The dome fabric is a blackout type and has a fire retardant treatment that meets the NFPA-701 standard. A FR (fire retardancy) certificate is furnished with each dome. Its complete opacity ensures optimum darkness and thus the best sky possible, regardless of the lighting outside the dome.

Entrance to the dome is quick, comfortable and safe. The two meter high entrance is easily opened and closed with a doble-sided, easy to grasp zipper.

Both the exterior and interior colour of the dome shown above are silver grey, but the inner one could be white as well. A white colored inside surface is more reflective, but grey is much less susceptible to dirt. The white color works fine for optomechanical star projectors, like Cubex, but it is not convenient to be used with full video projectors. An inside grey color is good for full dome video projection and star projection as well, and this is the recommendable choice if these two types of projection are the anticipated uses for the dome.

Since the dome does not have a floor, emergency evacuation is instantaneously and safely achieved by simply lifting the dome over the audience’s heads and to one side, exposing the interior in seconds.

The dome is remarkably lightweight. At only 18 Kg. (39 lbs) for the 5 meters one, it is the lightest one available for its size. It can be transported by one person with a minimum of effort. Once folded, the dome fits neatly in the provided carry bag.

Dome Colors:

The exterior color of the dome is available in a Royal Blue color. View Cubex dome color swatch. Our company name and data are never visibly printed on our domes.

Dome Meaurements:

The figure on the right shows the 5 meters CUBEX dome measurements. The Cubex dome is made in four sizes: 4, 5, 6 and 7 meters. All them are equal in every aspect of their design and function.