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iBrickr v0.2 released - iPhone modding for Windows made easy

Posted by natetrue 2 days ago

Hey everyone - I just released the first version of iBrickr, a Windows app that makes iPhone modding easy. Just download it, run it, and plug in your iPhone and it will guide you through the steps, doing most of the work for you.

iPhones modified this way do not need to be "unjailbroken" to work with iTunes - your iPhone will always appear the same to iTunes as it ever did.

Right now ringtone management is the star feature, with application management via PXL being less useful because PXL packages are at the moment hard to come by.

It has an in-built error reporting architecture (you get to review everything that gets sent my way though), so if something goes wrong I can help you out with it and get back to you via e-mail.

So check it out, and let me know what you think.

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HOWTO: Install SSH on your iPhone *DEPRECATED, use iBrickr instead*

Posted by natetrue 2 weeks ago

These instructions are deprecated - it's much easier to download iBrickr and install the dropbear and binkit packages using the Applications interface.

Instructions left for nostalgia sake, though:

These instructions work with the latest 1.0.1 iPhone update.

Right now these instructions work for Windows. A Mac OSX version must be made by someone else, but the translation is fairly easy. The sshify-windows.bat must be replaced with a file that contains equivalent Mac OSX commands.

These instructions MUST be run on a phone that has already had Jailbreak 1.1 run on it. For instructions on that see the custom ringtone tutorial.

This tutorial is dead easy.

Step 1 - Download Nate True's iPhone SSH kit.

Step 2 - Extract that to a folder somewhere.

Step 3 - Run sshify-windows.bat and follow the instructions carefully.

Okay, Step 3 is more steps but they are laid out plainly.

Step 4 - Connect with SSH! You should be able to use an SCP client like WinSCP to put more files from the latest compiled binkit.