Saturday, September 15, 2007

Virtual Worlds for Insurrection and Revolution in Education

Virtual Worlds for Insurrection and Revolution in Education:

Attendees include:

  • Daniel Adams, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
  • Dan Atkins is Head of the Office of Cyber-Infrastructure at the National Science Foundation.
  • Peter Brantley is the Executive Director for the Digital Library Federation.
  • John Seely Brown is currently a visiting scholar at the Annenberg Center at USC.
  • Dennis Cheek joined the Kauffman Foundation in 2005 as vice president of education.
  • Kim Fatton is the Assistant Director/Project Manager for the Synthetic Worlds Initiative.
  • Dexter Fletcher is a Research Staff Member at the Institute for Defense Analyses.
  • Colleen Girten manages and directs KnowledgeWorks Foundation's web strategies and projects.
  • Graham Johnson is a certified medical illustrator and works as an NSF predoctoral fellow in the Molecular Visualization Lab at The Scripps Research Institute.
  • Henry Kelly is the president of the Federation of American Scientists.
  • Jay Larson is an Education Program Officer at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.
  • Daniel Laughlin is currently the NASA Learning Technologies Project coordinator and leads the games research effort for NASA's Education Office.
  • David Levinson is a veteran online entertainment and video game professional.
  • Marcia Linn is currently a Professor of Cognition and Education at University of California, Berkeley.
  • Dennis Liu is the Senior Program Officer at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
  • Christopher Mackie is an Associate Program Officer in the Research in Information Technology program at the Mellon Foundation.
  • Tim Magner is the Director of the Office of Educational Technology in the Dept of Education.
  • Bruce Milligan is the Project Manager for Learning Technologies for the Federation of American Scientists.
  • Michelle Roper is the Learning Technologies Project Director at the Federation of American Scientists in Washington, DC.
  • Herbert Schorr is the Executive Director of Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California.
  • Mike Smith is the Program Director for the Education Program at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.
  • James Spohrer is Director of Almaden Services Research at IBM Almaden Research Center.
  • Andy van Dam, the Thomas J. Watson, Jr., University Professor of Technology and Education and Professor of Computer Science, Brown University.
  • Aaron Walsh is faculty at Boston College and Director of
  • Phoenix Wang is a Program Officer in the Education Program at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.
  • James Werle is the Director of Special Projects within the Computing & Communications Department at the University of Washington.