Saturday, October 06, 2007

Croquet 2 Play � Intel and Qwaq Announce New Croquet Technology

Croquet 2 Play � Intel and Qwaq Announce New Croquet Technology

Intel and Qwaq Announce New Croquet Technology

After indicating just how serious they were about leveraging Croquet by joining the Croquet Consortium, Intel takes another more tangible step:

Miramar, a 3-D information space technology originally developed by Intel Corporation’s research labs, will be brought to market by Qwaq Inc., the secure virtual workspace company.

The agreement between the companies announced today at the Intel Developer Forum enables a new desktop visualization edition of Qwaq Forums that will integrate 2-D desktop applications and shared 3-D information workspaces for large numbers of users to easily visualize and manipulate enterprise information. Qwaq and Intel plan to work together to integrate Miramar technology into this new cross-platform edition of Qwaq Forums, which is expected be available next year.

… Originally developed by Intel Architecture Labs, Miramar was designed to increase the productivity of distributed enterprises by enabling new information visualization capabilities across distributed teams. The Miramar technology leverages immersive 3-D environments and enables users to transition seamlessly among virtual environments and traditional 2-D desktop applications.

Qwaq Press Release

A demo of Miramar was done during a keynote by Intel’s by Justin Rattner at the Intel’s Developer Forum today. The presentation is entitled Virtual Worlds – The Rise of the 3D Internet and should be available shortly.

Update: The webcast on Intel’s site seems to only work with IE 6 but there’s a link to the video on David Smith’s site and the slides are also available. However, it really is worthwhile to find an IE6 machine to see them together on.