Friday, January 18, 2008

x10 light switch controllers

Wireless X10 devices

Figure 1: Wireless X10 devices require a wireless transceiver.

The video shows me tackling two very common problems in my 1950’s era home. First, in my bedroom (Figure 2), I use two lamps to light the room. It’s annoying to have to walk across the room in the dark to turn them on, and then to reach across the bed to turn them off at night. I fixed this in about ten minutes with about $100 in X10 hardware. Now, I can turn both lights on and off from a wall switch, or control them from my bedside table. As an added bonus, I can now dim the lights.

Adding remote switches

Figure 2: In the first project, I add remote switches to control two bedside lamps.

The second problem is in my office. I have a light switch, but the light it controls is too dim. So, when I go into my office, I flip the light switch on, and then walk across my office to turn on a floor lamp. With another $100 investment in X10 hardware and about 30 minutes time, I replaced my wall switch with an X10 switch capable of controlling both the built-in light and my floor lamp, as shown in Figure 3. Now, with a single flick, I can control all the lights in my office.