Sunday, March 23, 2008

Physicam Camtroller

Physicam Camtroller

Camtroller Physicam: Camtroller
Use Physicam technology to control your games using a webcam instead of a keyboard. Use on free web flash and java games, or your own library of PC games, old and new! Includes Physicam setup program.

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Using the Physicam Camtroller
Using the Physicam Camtroller, you can easily create custom settings to use Physicam on your games! Simply choose where you would like the motion sensors to be, and what buttons they will push. You can create different settings for each one of your games.

Camtroller Interface Sensor: Choose which of up to 18 sensor points to set.
X Pos: Choose X Position on the 240x180 camera screen.
Y Pos: Choose Y Position on the 240x180 camera screen.
Push Key: Choose which key motion in this sensor will "push".
On Top: Check if you want Camtroller to remain on top of other screens.
To eliminate a sesnor, simply select it and press delete or set X and Y to 0.