Thursday, May 29, 2008

Learning at Evergreen

Learning at Evergreen

Faculty at Evergreen have transformed traditional education into an unmatched learning experience.

Instead of taking four or five separate, unrelated classes each quarter, you'll take one program that unifies these classes around a central theme, taught by two or three faculty from different academic disciplines. Since you do all of your academic work in one program, your faculty team will know how much work is being assigned to you, so there's no possibility of two tests on the same day or having to choose between a field trip and a conflicting class. This approach, which we call "coordinated studies," sets learning at Evergreen apart from other colleges.

Many Evergreen programs continue for two or three consecutive quarters. This allows you to build specific skills to produce highly sophisticated work, even in introductory offerings. You'll work most often in small groups with your faculty, beginning your freshman year.

At Evergreen, you'll be encouraged to voice your opinion. Your background, ethnicity, social class and preferred lifestyle will add to the multicultural perspectives here. You will find that attention to diversity, in the broadest sense, runs throughout the curriculum.

Because your learning is too important to be reduced to an arbitrary number or letter grade, you'll receive narrative evaluations from your faculty. Faculty will detail your accomplishments, list subject areas you studied and assign the credits you earn toward your bachelor's degree. Narrative evaluations give graduate schools and employers a comprehensive picture of your undergraduate education.