Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to make your own rollup with google reader.

This is one of those posts where I explain something to myself that ought to be simple but wasn't.

To create and publish an aggregation of many blog feeds you can just
  1. put them all under a reader folder
    (click manage subscriptions bottom right of your page)
  2. make that folder public
    (click Settings, Folders and Tags
    --select the Folder in question
    --use the dropdown to make that folder public
    --click View Public page
    for example,
In reader, you can also tag items. You can use Step 2 above to publish tags just as you did Folders. This will create a page of items that you have given a specific tag.
For example,

Of course, now you have two different pages. Suppose you want a single page that combines items you have tagged with other feeds?
  1. subscribe to your own blog's published sub-feed of tagged items,
    (for example )
  2. and put that sub-feed in a folder you have published
    (the aforementioned )

And suppose you want to publish only some items from a friend's feed? Either
  • manually tag them with a tag you are publishing
  • have the friend tag them in a specific way, and put the friend's sub-feed in a folder you are publishing
And suppose you want a quick way of adding your own items to one of those public pages?
  • Make a note (click Notes under Your Stuff, top left in Reader)
  • Find it in your Notes and give it the tag you want.
  • the notes bookmarklet looks helpful here too
But beware: it doesn't look like you can unpublish notes. There may be other gotchas. I may be confused.