Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MailHook.org - The easiest way to accept mail in your web apps

MailHook.org - The easiest way to accept mail in your web apps

No more scary Sendmail configurations.
No more complicated mail parsing.
No more extraneous polling of mailboxes.
Just another fine example of web hooks in action.


Receive email in your web apps like a form post!

Signup and start accepting pre-parsed mail in minutes:
Email sent to anything at
Gets posted via HTTP to

Manage hook with this email
What do I do after signup? Is this a free service? Why have you done this?
You’ll probably want to set the value of your MX record to mailhook.org. Then put a script (PHP is quick and simple) at the URL you gave that emails you the contents of the request parameters and send a test email to the domain. Then chuckle at how easy it was... Ideally it would be! We give you 100 free emails to try it out, and then we ask for $14/year per domain to pay the cost of running this service. This may change, but since the service is new and we hope to be able to build others like it, we need to cover our asses a bit. Besides our ongoing desire for cool new infrastructure toys, we think email is a an underutilized way of letting users interface with web applications. Most people know how to use it, and are more likely to use it instead of your app anyway, so why don’t you let them use your app via email?