Thursday, January 01, 2009

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Hey! Google supports QR codes!

Chart Types - Google Chart API - Google Code

QR codes

QR Codes are a popular type of two-dimensional barcode, which are also known as hardlinks or physical world hyperlinks. QR Codes store text, which can be a URL, contact information, telephone number, even whole verses of poems!

QR codes can be read by any device that has the appropriate software installed. Such devices range from dedicated QR code readers to mobile phones.

Specify a QR code with



  • is the text for the QR code. The text must be url-encoded in UTF8. Note that the space between hello and world is written as %20 in the following example.
  • specifies how the output is encoded. If this parameter is omitted, the default encoding of UTF-8 is used. Available encodings are Shift_JIS, UTF-8, or ISO-8859-1.

For example:
QR code


QR code reader software is available from many sources. Google offers a QR Code reader library, Zebra Crossing (ZXing), for free.

See for details.