Saturday, December 26, 2009

Application Gallery - NYC BigApps

Ride the City

Jordan A., Brooklyn
Data Set(s) used: LION centerline data
Ride the City helps bicyclists find safe bike routes in major cities. Like MapQuest, Google Maps, and other mapping applications, Ride the City finds the shortest distance between two points, with a difference. First, Ride the City avoids roads that aren't meant for biking,... [read more]

Spokes NYC
Matt A., Brooklyn
Data Set(s) used: LION: single line street base map GIS: MapInfo Table, CITYRACKS: City Bicycle Parking Racks
Spokes NYC is a free iPhone application (available here) for New York City cyclists. It generates ideal bike routes with turn by turn directions for cyclists within city limits. Other features include a bike rack locator, bike shop locator, and the ability to report thefts from a... [read more]

Video of Application
Adam C., NYC
Data Set(s) used: cityracks.kml - a list of bike racks installed allows users to locate the nearest bike racks to their current detected location or a specified address. Bikers can save time and ensure their bike's safety by using this tool.