Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ever confused, cyclist Jon Schull leads the way

High Falls is a stunning natural landmark and attraction in downtown Rochester, but to people bicycling through the city on the Genesee Riverway Trail, there's no clear, marked way to get there. Cyclist Jon Schull says that he takes a different route each time because he doesn't know the best way to go.

"We are already one of the best bicycling destinations in the world, but no one is telling that story," says Schull, a member of the newly formed Rochester Cycling Alliance, an advocacy group. "And if you were going to tell that story, you'd want to take care of a few embarrassments, like what's the right way to ride to High Falls? And how do I get from High Falls back on the trail that will take me up to Seneca Park and Lake Ontario?"

Schull is one of several people trying to hammer home just how close the Rochester region is to becoming a world-class cycling destination.