Saturday, May 09, 2009

Interactive Surface Development Kit at Media Interaction Lab

Interactive Surface ExampleThe Interactive Surface Development Kit is a complete development kit based on the digital pens from Anoto. The Anoto-based pens scan a dot pattern upon motion and build a 2D representation of the drawn trajectory with a very high degree of accuracy. Most of the pens have USB connectivity, but the most interesting ones have Bluetooth connectivity (which means being able to send your handwritten notes in real-time). Thus, it allows a real-time streaming of multiple pens over Bluetooth.

Anoto pensThe package can be ordered together with an A0-sized streaming paper or with a special A0-sized streaming rear-projection foil. The standard size, A0, has an area of 841mm x 1189mm (31.1in x 46.8in). This allows you to develop cheap rear-projection screens (e.g. whiteboards) or front-projection tables. The development kit is perfect for developing fast applications based on large interactive surfaces. The Interactive Surface Development Kit comes also with a C# based demo sample.