Monday, June 15, 2009

Concept Design: ubicycle | CONTINUUM

Concept Design: ubicycle | CONTINUUM

02. ubicycle

ubicycle Concept Design
Ubicycle Ubicycle Ubicycle
ubicycle Public Bicycle Service System

The Ubicycle service is composed of three primary elements. First, is an easy access key card that can be charged with funds for any kind of public transportation, including trains and buses. Smart chips not only identify the user of the bike, but also allows unlocking of the rack and bicycle.

  1. The cards will employ RFID technology, adding greater convenience by speeding up checkout and authentication processes.
  2. The modular racking station allows easy installation and efficient use of space. 14 bicycles racked on these stations occupy the same amount of space as a parking space for one car.
  3. Solar power will help run these stations on a day-to-day basis, providing energy for the key reader and locking mechanisms.