Thursday, June 18, 2009 - C. Athena Aktipis - C. Athena Aktipis: "C. Athena Aktipis

Cooperation, Cognition and Agent-Based Modeling

How do individuals navigate the complex problems associated with social living? What kinds of cognitive and behavioral systems underlie decisions to cooperate with others or to leave a group? My work has investigated these questions through evolutionary agent-based simulations, focusing especially on simple rules underlying cooperation and social movement such as the Walk Away strategy.


May 12, 2009: Athena Aktipis's interactive learning tools are featured in David Sloan Wilson's blog at the Huffington Post. Wilson says: 'Athena's teaching method gives students a visceral feel for the generality of multilevel selection... William D. Hamilton, the legendary founder of inclusive fitness theory (dubbed kin selection by John Maynard Smith), required several years and lots of math to reach the same conclusion.'"