Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Building a one-meter vegetation sampling frame

Building a one-meter vegetation sampling frame: " "

Variant: Ultralight folding tent-pole frame:

This design has proved as servicable as the sturdy PVC, though at a higher cost in materials. It is a great saving in size and weight: about 0.7 pounds or 11 ounces (300g).
Materials for one bar are: Three tent pole sections, two grommet tips, a length of elastic shock cord, and materials for marking and connaction. Here is the parts list for the four bars that make up a complete sampling frame.
Item How many you need Comments Click an image for larger view
Standard 13-inch tent pole sections, with end insert* 8 You can order starred (*) items from the address given below.
Standard 13-inch tent pole sections, without end insert* 4
Elastic shock cord, 1/8 inch (3 mm) diameter* 4 yards (about 4m). This is sold in yards. This is a standard diameter to fit the tent pole sections.
Tent pole grommet tips* 8

Tent pole sections are available from:

Tentpole Technologies, LLC
8212 NE 99th Circle
Vancouver, WA 98662-1300
Phone: 360-260-9527 or 800-266-9527
Fax: 360-260-9937