Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Resolver in action...
Resolver in action...

Resolver is a 'rapid application development tool', for analysing and presenting business data using a familiar 'spreadsheet interface'.

From a superficial glance it looks just like another spreadsheet program, but it is radically different from conventional spreadsheets.

It is written in IronPython and has Python integrated in a special way. Before I launch into my best attempt at an explanation, I suggest you visit my new site:


Resolver Hacks

Fun, interesting and useful things to do with Resolver. (Screenshots and code included!)

Spreadsheets are actually a form of programming, in fact when programmed with formulae in cells they are actually an example of a slightly esoteric form of programming called 'functional programming'. So as spreadsheets are just interfaces to computer programming ('under the hood'), shouldn't it be easy to reorganise or extend spreadsheets with a programming language? Unfortunately, this is often a painful process - particularly as the means for doing this are usually 'bolted on' rather than being a core part of the spreadsheet.

With Resolver, data and formulae you enter into cells are actually turned into code. This code is then executed to produce the results.