Monday, July 02, 2007



Bucky Ball Dome PlansDetailed plans for building a 15' diameter BuckyBall, 8' high at the center. Extremely light yet strong, a 180lb person can hang from the apex and if staked down it will withstand almost anything the desert can throw at it.

Look for a couple of 'em at SpaceLounge this year.

You'll need a BIG bench vice, good hand drill, a few 1/4" drill bits and a pipe cutter. Constructed from 1/2" conduit it will take about 4 people a day to build the parts. Once built, the parts are easily transportable and can be easily knocked together in the desert, with only a wrench, by 3 people in about ten minutes.

It'll cost about $100-$150 for materials from your local builder's supply, not including the shade cloth covering.

Click HERE to see plans.