Monday, June 04, 2007



CaveUT 2004 v1.1

Freeware for Low-Cost Integrated Multi-Screen Displays
Using Unreal Tournament 2004

CaveUT 2004 is a set of modifications allowing the Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) game engine to display in CAVE-like displays and panoramic digital theaters. It supports off-axis projection for correct perspective and multiple views from the observer's viewpoint. This page provides an introduction to CaveUT2004, including download information, installation instructions, guidelines for the program's use, explanations of how it works, and descriptions of improvements planned for the future.

Coming Soon! We have been working on a new version of CaveUT for some time, and we hope to have it ready for public release in December. It has: (1) greatly improved screen synchronization (2) logging capability (3) a special cursor that can traverse the composite display and activate clickable objects (4) support for digital dome-shaped displays (5) the ability to drive navigation via UDP (6) a protocol for interfacing a treadmill (See UtVRPN ). An early beta is available, but only to researchers who can actually help us get the public release done sooner. Stay tuned!