Tuesday, June 05, 2007

MeVisLab for Mac OS X

MeVisLab MeVis Research

MeVisLab for Mac OS X

MeVisLab is a visual programming and rapid prototyping platform for image processing research and development with a focus on medical imaging. MeVisLab provides a flexible and simple handling of visualization and image processing algorithms by modular visual programming. No programming knowledge is required to set up image processing and visualization pipelines. Complete applications including user interfaces can easily be built within a general framework. Beside general image processing and visualization tools, MeVisLab includes advanced medical imaging algorithms for segmentation, registration, and quantitative morphological and functional analysis. Best of all, MeVisLab is now also available on Mac OS X – free for non-commercial use.

New image processing algorithms and visualization tools can be easily integrated as new modules using a standardized software interface. Module wizards as well as an interface for customized wizards add further usability. Macro modules that allow for a hierarchical encapsulation of networks can be used to easily reuse available developments. Efficient design of graphical user interfaces can be achieved by an abstract, hierarchical module definition language (MDL), hiding the complexity of the underlying module network to the end user. Dynamic functionality on both the network and the user interface level can be added using Python or JavaScript. MeVisLab can be fully integrated into the radiological workflow (PACS and DICOM integration).

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